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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHY WHERE WHEN WHAT WHERE WHEN WHO WHO WHAT WHY HOW HOW Depression V s . Recession Herbert Hoover was the president during the Great Depression. He was put into office in 1929 in the beginning of the Great Depression. George W. Bush was president during some of the Great Recession, and still to this day it carries on through Obama's presidency. The Stock Market collapses, wages are lower, struggle in agriculture, and banks went bankrupt so they could not pay their loans. A temporary decline in the economy and not growing. The Depression effected all over the world. The country that suffered from the Great Depression was Canada. In Ireland, Denmark, Europe, Italy, and Germany went through two sets of economic decline. Later in the years Japan also joined the list of country affected. On October 29th (1929-1939) The Great Depression began. The day was called "Black Tuesday" Documented from 2007 to June of 2009. Crushing the economy, destroying the real estate and stock market. New York bank of the U.S collapses. The bank had over 2 million in deposits and had the largest single bank failure in the nations history. It began with an exploding 8 trillion dollar housing bubble. The loss of wealth led to cutbacks in consumer spending. The Depression was causedby different seriousweakness. The 1920's seemed prosperous, but itincome was unevenly distributed. Financial Market chaos was started by the bursting of the bubble,it lead to the collapsein business investment.Spending and business investments were dried up, aswell as job loss followed. Both presidents presided over a decliningeconomy and resisted taking action to prevent moreeconomic law suits. They both believed that the market would fix itself, they also thought government intervention would be harmful Both had an extreme changes in the economy. Alot of job loss because of the economic restraints. Both an extreme amount, loss of money. Banks gave out loans but the banks didn't have money in the banks.
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