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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Articles of Confederation The Declaration of Independence vs Colonial and British Reactions Why? Who was Impacted? Declaration of Independence The French and Indian War alongwith several acts passed by England caused America to demand Independence Colonial Why Was It Written? July 4th, 1776 Philadelphia Stated why Americans wanted Independnece 217,000 colonists went to war-4,435 died-6,188 wounded Where? November 15th, 1777 Revised in Philadelphia Established new functions of government When? Spanish and French Courts British - 2/3 Americans agreed with the Declaration - many destroyed British signs and symbols - Britain first doubted the Americans could rebel- King later sent in groups to keep America under his control took action for what they beleive in Articles of Confederation - Written to state the functions of the new government afterAmerica won its Independencefrom Britain- needed a government for orderduring the war Quotes "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" When written:Happy meant Equal and good luckColonists wanted to have a life of equal rights away from the British Summary After be controlled and takenadvantage of by Englandfor so long, America wantedto become their own country. So the colonists wrote out andsigned a document tellingEngland they want to haveindependence. Outcome America "plunged" into war for Independence against Britain. America ended the war victorious. Most Americansare pleased with the outcomebecause of our freedom today Other Possible Outcomes Colonists may have used the Bill of Rights instead of theDeclaration of Independence. This also states the rights of thecolonists. Or if we didn't standup altogether, we would still beunder British control today. How Are These Documents Similar? Flaws? How does it justify each side? Declaration of Independence Articles of Confederation Colonial British - freely do business- own government- feel of safety without British- "complaints" justifiable because England taxed America more than the British people - didn't want to loose aportion of their land- great loss of profits both had reason to fight - Was not Ratified until March 1st,1781- Had no strong leadership- Was no National Army or Navy Both have themes of Government and Civics Why were the Colonists concerned with Taxes? Colonists didn't want to have their taxes be controlled England America needed to regulate their own taxes because theirgovernment needed to pay workers, pay for the army, and education While America fought for their freedom, they wrote out a document stating their governmental laws. These served as their government especially during wartime and used it when the war was over America had created their first set of constitutional laws and form of national government. Most Americans are happywith the outcome becauseit reflects our government today If we didn't put together a government, the U.S. may not havesurvived today as a workingeconomy. - colonists got their own government, which they fought over- had the power of changingtheir own government - no longer had to worry about loosing moresoldeirs or leaders both were releived it was over writing the document wasa reaction to winning thewar and gaining independence continued fighting againstthe rebellion stood their ground for their beleifs "The said states hereby severallyenter into a firm league of friendshipwith each other" all our states will stand together, as a "United" nation part of the rebellion against England supporting the goal of Independence for America - blames most problems on England- For example, the Boston Massacre was encouraged through American's side
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