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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to Write a Bill How to Write a Bill Your Section Title Remember! Definitions 2 3 4 Preamble Legislation for the FDP Model Parliament BillZilla 2.0 Title of your Section as we are presenting an omnibus, you don't need to include this Short Title The Best Act Ever Act CHANGE TO LEGISLATION THAT WILL DO VERY IMPORTANT THINGS FOR MANY PEOPLE IN CANADA AND WILL SAVE MONEY ACT again, not needed for omnibus PREAMBLE WHEREAS you state what is wrong with current legislation and/orviews of things that must be improved in society DEFINITIONS make sure nothing is left to interpretation think of why you wrote your legislation Title tip: write after you finish legislation "uninformed" shall be defined as a person who does not read the definitions and does not understand exactly what is meant by possibly ambiguous terms used throughout the leglislation and will be criticized for it during debate indicate main area of change;e.g. Trade, Affirmative Action AREA OF IMPACT Opposition Parties CANNOT propose spending 1 1) The Government shall release ownership of the following cash grabbing institutions; a) The Royal Canadian Military formerly established in the Act I Can't Remember b) Universal HealthCare, such that the HealthCare Act will operate in accordance with the following i) It will no longer be public and everyone must fend for themselves What you need Be very specific! Ensure you allocate things to proper ministries, and give reference to current legislation Be short but thorough. You can't just say, "repeal this and put in place a private system to be determined." Create actual policy and work with syntax to make it succinct. ! the FREE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MOVING FREEDOM FORWARD
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