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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Articles of Confederation The Declaration of Independence and When: --Declaration Of Independence-July 4th, 1776--Articles of Confederation-March 1st, 1781 Why:--D.O.I-The Declaration of Independence was why the American colilnists wanted to be independent from Great Britain.--A.O.C-The Articles Of Confederation was a written document that established the functions of the Government of United states. Where:--D.O.I-Philidelphia--A.O.C-Philidelphia Who Was Impacted:--D.O.I-Great Britain-217,000 people fought in the war over the D.O.I-4,435 people were killed/ wounded in the war.--A.O.C-The Spanish and French Courts. Definition of Federal Government:--A.O.C-A Federal Government is the Constitution divided into three major parts, Executive, Legislative, and Central Government. What events caused the second Continental congress to write the Declaration of Independence?--D.O.I-The Albany Plan of Union (July 26, 1754) and the French and Indian War. The Albany Plan was rejected, this caused the colonists to unite and want to take political action. The French and Indian caused the Declaration of Independence because it involved several European countries. Briefly explain the colonial reaction to the Declaration of Independence, and do you agree with their reaction? Why or why not? (Blooms 5)-⅔ of colonists agreed with the declaration-Americans gathered to destroy signs and symbols of American crown-⅓ stayed loyal to King-destroyed statue of King George III in New YorkBritains wrote a pamphlet, in response and challenged aspects of their declarationwondered how they can treat everyone equal when still owning slaves. Briefly explain the British reaction to the Declaration of Independence, and do you agree with their reaction? Why or why not? (Blooms 5) When the King found out he declared the colonist were in rebellion, later he sent more troops later in 1776. I do agree with the British reaction, which were shocked, because the British were losing a large chunk of their population to go and settle on new land. What did the phrase, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness mean when it was written, and what is your interpretation of the phrase life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness? (DOK 3) When writing the declaration of Independence, happy had a different meaningmeant good luck or equalthey wanted America to live in equality and to have rights, instead of the British deciding rights for themMy interpretation of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness is that not only that Americans will life in equal rights, but also enjoy life in America. What are some of the flaws in the Articles of Confederation?-The ratification of all articles from all thirteen states was not until March 1, 1781, it also did not include taxes, and there was no power. Underlying Themes int he A.O.C:-In the A.O.C underlying themes are Government and Civics. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. The Leaders of the articles (black and white pic) "We the People" article Bibliography
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