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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Setting of the Battles By: Jaden Myatt & RJ Meserve The Battle of Trenton took placein Trenton, New Jersey on January2, 1777. The Battle of Brooklyn took place in Brooklyn, New York on August22, 1776 What caused the Battle The British were trying to controlNew York City and the HudsonRiver. Men had deserted, the feelingof independence was lost. Who Was Impacted George Washington General William Howe and hisbrother The outcome of the battles Hessian's men surrendered toWashington. He only had 5 injuriesand 2 deaths. Washington won thebattle. The British beat George Washingtonand became in control of Brooklyn. Battle of Trenton vs. Battle of Brooklyn Key Black text= Battle of Trenton White text= Battle of Brooklyn Battle of Trenton Battle of Brooklyn Battle of Trenton Summery The Battle of Trenton was the result of the feeling that theindependence was lost. The battle was between Hessiansand George Washington. Washington knew that theHessians would be drinking lots on Christmas day, theyattacked in the freezing cold. The Hessians would not beready and most would be drunk. George Washington andhis men captured the Hessians and they surrendered.George Washingtons group only had 2 deaths and 5 injuries. Battle of Brooklyn Summery
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