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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Patient Care BLACKBERRY SERIOUS? ARE YOU TracheostomyMariyah Khan Procedure Treats people with long termlung issues. people who are on ventilators Helps make breathingeasier for thosewho cannot. What is it? -won't be able to eat correctlyand will need food through an IV or a feeding tube.- Communication will also becomplicated. PRE:usually very littletime to prepare mustfast 6-8 hours beforethe surgery Performance:1. Patient is put to sleep 2. a dissection is made to perform abronchoscopy.3.Injections are then made into the tracheal lumen4. Tract then gets dialated5. the Tracheostomy tube is then carefully placed.6. sutures are done, to keep tube in place.7. a flexible extension tube is used to connectthe tube to the ventilator circuit to avoid movement of the tube Outcome Critical thinking evaluation questions POST:pts stay in hospitalfor 3-10 days. If no longer needed thenit will be removedand it willeventually close onit's own. Equipment:-a cook blue single dilator kit-videobronchoscopy-anesthesiologist-inhibition railcarocoid hookopen tracheostomy set Risks:Immediate: bleeding and infection,pneumothorax and subcutaneousemphysema.Later: scarring, pneumonia,Trach Tube: may slip and fall outabnormal tissue masses, narrowing orcollapse of an airway, irritation of a windpipe, blockage, and failure oftracheostomy to close. blockage of the airways severe coughing conditions swallowing problems
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