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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The colonists were dressed up as native Americans so that no one knew they were. The people who were doing it didn'teven know one another except for the commanders. The colonists costed the almost 2 million dollars in today money. No one had died during the Boston tea party and only one person was injured and only one person by thename of Francis Akeley was areested. Griffin's Wharf December 16, 1773 The colonists did no damage to the 3 ships (the Beaver, Elanor, Dartmouth) docked in the harbor and only the tea was destroyed. March 5th, 1770. Boston, Massachusetts. The boston massacre started when a bunch of people started throwing snowballs, sticks, stones, between a patriot mob and british soldiers. The media still plays the same role but back then they were more harsh and now we make sure we cover every point of view. The boston massacre impacted the American minuteman and the British redcoats While he strongly believed that all men were entitled to a fair trial and that they deserved equal justice, he knew of the dangers to his practice and of the violence that the mob was capable therefore endangering his wife and young children. On the other hand, in the long term, he might be remembered as a man who put law above his personal beliefs. he British soldiers in Boston didn't really have a good life. For one the Americans hated them and didn't want them in their towns or cities. The Americans didn't really have it fair because the English Parliament passed a law that said American citizens had to provide a place for the soldiers to stay. the drawing appears is not exactly what happened. he art showed the soldiers lined up and Preston didnt raise his sword and it doesn't show Crispus Attucks, a black laborer, who was killed. After the Boston Massacre had been resolved, Samuel Adams had wanted to, keep the memory of the Massacre alive. And indeed he did. He then wanted a sort of memorial every year on March 5th to continue till 1783. Boston Tea Party The sons of liberty were the ones who had planned the whole thing. Due to the Boston tea party griffins wharf was closed for weeks because of the smell,
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