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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tattoos: Safe or Dangerous Tattoos can be safe or dangerous. Sometimes you can be allergic to the ink they use or the gloves they use. It can also be dangerous by the way it gets infected after you have the tattoo if you don't take care of it. Tattoos can be dangerous. They can be dangerous because you can be allergic to the ink, but it is not common.You can also be in danger if your tattooartist doesn't clean the tools and needles before they begin your tattoo. The other ways you can be in danger. If you have a really bad skin disease on the area you want a tattooand you didn't know the skin disease wasvery bad and you went ahead and got the tattoo anyways then it can make the area worse because of the ink. Making the right decision when youget a tattoo. When you decide you want a tattooand you decide what you want and you decide where you want it you willwant to make sure that you would want it forever.The reason for that is because it is not easy getting them removed but it is possible. It is just a lot more painful than when you got the tattoo. If you know you have skin disease then don't get the tattoo. The disease might even mess your tattoo up if you get a tattoo in a placewhere the disease can geta lot worse in the future. If you thinkthere is a chance you couldget a skin disease in that spot you wantto get a tattoo then you should see a doctor before making that decision. Tattoos can be safe Tattoos are safe if you do your researchand make sure you go to a really good and experienced tattoo artist that really knows what they are doing so your tattoo will not get infected. Other ways you can get a tattoo removed. If you made a really bad decisionon a tattoo and you reallywant to get it removed and you don't want topay a lot of money to get it removed in a painfulway. Then you can get it it cut out or you can get white ink put over it that makes the tattoonot visible but it is still possible to see. Sources Tattoos Safe or not?
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