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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You can find the manufacturers of the adapter searching the Google by keywords ELM327 Bluetooth.See also at Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress. Avoid adapters ELM327 v2.1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into OBD-II pinout port. Make sure that the light at the adapter flashes green.Start the car engineGo to the Settings > Bluetooth environment at you Android mobile and search the adapter (it should appear like obdii, scantool, obdkey, plx ..., cbt). Choose the adapter. It will suggest to pair the devices.Pair the two devices. The secret code of pairing is 1234 or 0000. Go to the OBD Car Doctor application > Settings, select name of the adapter from the devices list. Some signs of the car OBD-II compliance:Availability of DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector - OBD-II Port) - 16 pinout DLC of a trapezoidal shape. Technical documentation of your vehicle (but not in the general direction to the car brand / model!) may include information that your car OBD-II compliant. Availability of the identification plates on the car - signs "OBD-II compliant", "OBD-II certified".Another way is to ask at the service center or at the automobile community. Some cars do not support OBD-II standard completely or use some other protocols. Some tips to launch and set up U.S. since 1996 European since 2003 (diesel since 2004)Japanize since 2005For other markets and/or years see below... To use OBD Car Doctor you need: 1. OBD-II Compliant Car: OBD-II Port LocationOBD-II port and can be open or closed by some cover with a sign "OBD-II", "Diagnose" etc.16 pinout DLC of a trapezoidal shape can be located in one of the 8 places in the car cabin near the driver zone. 2. ELM 327 Bluetooth Adapter 3. Launching and Set up 4. Alerts and Feedback In case of appearing mistakes during the work with OBD Car Doctor, please contact PNN staff by the e-mail:
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