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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IMAGES TAKEN FROM!/image/947950470.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/947950470.jpg Potterfan1995 (2010) Human or Robot? Taken on January 28, 2015, from LITERARY ANALYSIS THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX (MARY E. PEARSON)Pearson, M.E.(2008) The adoration of Jenna Fox. Square Fish. New YorkBY SUSANA NAMEN AND ANA MARIA NARINO BioGel Seventeen year old Jenna Fox wakes from a coma todiscover 90% of her brain and body were replaced fora new invention: a blue gel containing neurotransmitter that do the job of neurons. The book The Adoration of Jenna Fox ponders about the controversial issue of ethics regarding medicine and showing what the mishandling of technology and advances can cause. Lilly Matthew Fox (Jenna´s dad) Claire (Jenna´s mom) She had a car accident and her parents decided to save her with the newest medical technology: biogel. She struggles a lot with herself thinking she's a freak. She's strong and in our opinion she represents the outcasts, questioning herself abouthumanity. Jenna's grandmother and Claire's mum. Before Jenna's accident they were very close, now they have a bumpy relationship and she has a hard time believing she is a real human. Jenna's dad and the creator of biogel. He makes the Fox family extremely wealthy. He is convinced the choice in his daughter's life was correct. He loves Jenna to death. As Jenna's mum, she idolizes her. She is overprotective and can come to be irrational. She's weak but kind. Together with her husband they represent the scientific point of view against morality. SCIENCE FICTION-REALISTIC FICTION California Future Setting Jenna Thesis Jenna's peer at school. She wears leg and arm braces and totally supports the FSEB and the law because "they're trying to preserve their humanity". She is very critical. Allys
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