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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Outlook Successes Outlook Successes The Priority Verticals App was presented at the KAM conference last weekand was very well received by all with positive feedback, this app willincrease new business generation and increase vertical marketrevenue. Priority Priority Verticals Fit & Strong Agreed tariff increase to reduce catering subsidy by of savings identifiedwithin discretionary spend in Stubbins £67k £42k Productivity through IT The roll out of Service Cloud & New Voice Media is continuing as planned, agentsare now able to receive overcalls if necessary. Creating a greater overflowcapacity for calls. We have completed the roll out to all 48 Major AccountAgents in Lount, a large step forward in our Service Cloudroll out plan Grow in SME First Blackdot manager workshop was held this week with the Regional TSM /KAM and IndustryManager team. There was a great acceptance of the first assessment results and theopportunities it provides to utilise the recommendations from both IMPLEMENT and Blackdot.This will shape the sales process to ensure the required YOY growth is achieved through anundistracted sales approach by the frontline with strong leadership, guidance and coachingfrom line managers. Ensuring strong pipeline activity and focus on closing the deal. Sales and Operations DELTA collaboration meetings / sessions being conducted across thecountry is really engaging the teams to "Fix the Base" and "Grow in SME"
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