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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 October 8th, 1992 (+84) 905 549 819 Nguyen Trung My Ngan Bachelor Degree in Business Administration Faculty of Danang University of Economics -4 years joining in financial organization activities such as broadcasting, pr, sponsorship, financing, supporting,..many events like Earth Hour, Financial Management Cup, Mid-Atutumn event,.. sensitive, active, sense of voluntary -a member and 3 years participating in organizing events of Pink Lotus volunteer Clb-global citizen 2014 at Surabaya, Indonesia follow Aiesec Project-HR Coordinator in Autumn Meeting 2014 cinema event-Ambassador Supporter in #studentofsoutheastasia project of Minerva Schools. Appearance-skills-points of view -colored long hair, joyful, charming, 162cm height-communicating positively and respecting relationships. Owning and remaning all relationships with friends, family, acquantances from primary school till now.-Good certificate of using office computing B and using fluently social media like facbook, twitter, instagram, google+, linkedin,..-Good in english communication. I was a waitress and a cashier in Tourane Bar, Lantern Restaurant, Up Cafe.-Good certificate in Toeic-a reviewer of Quan Ngon Da Thanh facebook page -Ambitious to working in a modern communicating environment-Hobbies: watching advertisings, action movies, tv show, game show, yeah1tv channel and yantv channel,..
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