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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 seat belts air bags Head injury protection Head restraints Antilock break system Electronic stability system wieght All-wheel drive Traction control Seat belts are designed to keep the people in the car.They also reduce risk of making contact with the steering wheel or dashboard Air bags also reduce the risk of hitting the dash board,windshield and headboard. children 12 and under could get seriously injured or die so keep them in the rear seats Head injury protection is foam or any other energy absorbing material under the trim of the vehicle people cannot see it this is meant to deploy over roll overs Head restraints are extensions of the vehicle's seats that reduces head movement during a rare impact crash Prevents a vehicles wheels from locking during a "panic" breaking witch allows the driver to maintain greater steering control improves the vehicles stability by controlling the amount the drive wheels can slip when you apply excess power. All-wheel drive distributes the power to both front and rear wheels maximizing traction... Unless combined with traction control Assist drivers in maintaining control of thevehicle during extreme steering maneuvers. Electronic stability control senses when a vehicle is starting to spin out Crash data shows that heavy vehicles offer more protection than light vehicles with the same safety equipment specifically more in two-vehicle crashes. By: Tayler Barrientos
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