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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 When? December 29th, 1778Where? Savannah, GeorgiaWhy? Britain captured Savannah and Charleston because they kept fighting and theywanted to gain control of Savannah once again so they could have their territory back.Savannah had taken Britain's land and they wanted it back.Who was impacted? BritishBased on what you know, why would a large presence of Loyalists draw British attention? A large amount of loyalists would draw attention to the British because they showed the major flaws in Britain's strategy.Why were Savannah and Charleston important cities in the American Revolution? "Having suffered the humiliation of surrendering to the British at Charleston, Major General Lincoln was able to turn tables and accept Cornwallis' ceremonial surrender to General George Washington at Yorktown on October 20."Did Savannah and Charleston have more Loyalists or Patriots? They had more Loyalists.How did the British go about capturing these two cities? They tried regaining control by making themselves seem appealing. For what reason did the British capture these two cities, and what did they think would happen to the Continental Army after doing so? They wanted their land back, and they thought that the Continental Army would stop, but they didn't. Summary of event:The Siege of Savannah, or the Second Battle of Savannah, was a part of the American Revolutionary war in 1779. The year before, thecity of Savannah, Georgia, had been captured by a British expeditionarycorps under Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell.Outcome of event:The Patriots lost the war and didn't get Savannah. When?January 3rd, 1777 Where?Princeton, New Jersey (USA) Why?The British thought that they could end the war by defeating the Americans at this battle. When? December 29th, 1778 Where? Savannah, Georgia Why?Britain
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