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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This Mary E. Pearson novel questions the reader about the real meaning of identity and humanity, throughout the story of a girl that tries to find out herself. This realistic fiction romance talks about a 17 year old girl who went through a car accident and was rebuilt by her father. He was a physician, who worked in genetics and uses an illegal amount of a substance called Biogel to save her. This difficult situation leads Jenna to seek for her identity, by finding out the relationship between knowing who you are and what you are. Shows that being a human involves having an identity and that this one depends on memories, decisions, feelings and on the environment that surrounds the individual. Searchs for the meaning of identity and humanity. She realizes that the world is changing and that their definition could be different. Believe in change, andfocus on the future. They like to please other people Both believe in ethics,the mortality of humans and the importance of knowing who you are. Protagonist Characters Matthew and Claire Fox, and Ethan Allys and Lily Jenna Fox Narration (Point of View) WHAT WHY double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. HOW Literary Elements The Adoration of Jenna Fox Description The way Jenna describesal the things she goes through, the new life shehas to live, the way shesees the world, but mainly the description of her feeling is what allows the reader to analyse and understand the book. First Person:Jenna Fox. Through this element the reader is able to know what happens not only in the storybut also in Jenna´s head,what she feels and the way she sees things. Setting:New house in a comfortable neighborhoodin California. Bio ethics and medicine: The big dilemma between saving a life and exceed nature´s laws. The story about a girl who survived a car accident thanks to her father's illegal method to save her. Near future, the human is just beginning to understand thepowerof science and technology. This element questions the reader aboutdifferent issues that concerns the main character and that are answered with different situations. Pushes to the limit the definition of human being and identity through Rethoric Questions Time SECONDARY TOPIC Ex: How long is forever? (pg. 235)Am I enugh? (pg. 191) "This is an amazingly powerful, thought provoking, just brilliant novel." --Teen Book Review "Holy wow, this was one killer read!" --Sarah Miller Sources- Pearson, M. (2009). The Adoration of Jenna Fox. New York: Square fish. - Mary. E Pearson. (2012). Retrieved in Januray 26th/2014, from
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