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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Articles of confederation Antigone Articles of Confederation Go-Getter Radical Family By-Stander Traditional Society Beautiful They may be sisters, but Antigone and Ismenecouldn't more different from each other.Well besides the fact that they both havea brother-father... Sallow Lacking in thebeauty department Ready for a challenge; she needs to fight for what she wants Beleives that women can take their fateinto their own hands. Feels a responsibility to uphold her brother's honor Always was the"pretty sister" Stays uninvolved toprevent making a scene Beleives that womenshould acceptwhatever befalls them Feels a responsibility tonot disrupt thestructure of society double click to change this header text! The document gave protection against the cruel and unlawful act of ruling theAmerican colonies by the Britain government. The Good The Bad No state could havethere own restrictionson trade. The government were unable to operate the collection oftaxes that eventually left themwith hills of debt and wasincapable of paying mandatedsupplies to equip the Revolutionary War. The central government that was establishedleft with insufficient power. The document had stated to provide protection against the cruel and unlawful act of ruling the American colonies by the Britain government The document Broughttogether the colonies. The article allows peoples to go travel from places to places within the areaof the nation which in this case willgive them opportunity to obtainbetter life
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