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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 38/1000 Globalization 48-64% 2-7% ItalyScotland KiAnnaSullivan now 90/1000 IrelandGermanyEngland *notice that these are all European* EnglandChinaEast India then most popular countries of origin women in government the many differences *canada has made efforts to immigrate refugees* Russia France between child mortality rate 19th and 20th century 1990-present "globalization" Understood as the increasingcontact between countries in terms of resources andcolonization. Understood as the growing communication between coutnries in terms of media and technology. main forms ofcommunication postage,early telephone cellphone, text,social media average ecological footprint 0.65 hectares 2.6 hectares Media and Technology in Globalization Diversification Hybridization Universalization of Pop Culture as fears of economic recessions continue togrow, companies have began to reach out,manufacture andproduce their goods incountries other thantheir own, to prevent anyeconomic slump or failure to be disastrous, as the societies of theworld connect with media, our cultures blend,and create new modesof expression for individuals around theworld. as media connects theworld, many countriesare broadcasted similarthings, and pop cultureis shared globally.This causes somecultures to lose values. Rules and guidelines arebeing made to regulateforeign and nationalbroadcasting.
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