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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The adoration of Jenna FoxBy: Maria Camila Peralta & Juliana Gonzalez Characters double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Jenna Fox she was raised by the love of her parents She survived by the biogel; notnatural;illegal lost her identity,she wasforce to do many thingsshe didnt want to do. Clair and Mathew Inventor of bio-gel,he breaks all the rules for Jennas life. cant allow her daughter to die Identity when a single thing is modify in life, the identity changes... Adores her daughterand loves the old Jenna Ethan Jenna´s husband, helped her to accept her new life kara and locke Conflict trouble with her parentsbecause they arent being honest about her past. she is a new personwith a new life. no memory, diferent friends, diferent thoughts These friends are with her the night of the accident In this infography we are going to mention some characters, the conflict of the plot and a summary of thebook The adoration of Jenna Foxeverything related to identity. Lily Because of antibiotics and advancements she does not see her as a human being Summary Jenna fox, a girl, that has just awoken from a year from coma . She had survived because of the biogel she tried to continue her life in a different way, buther parents over protect her she discover herself was totaly different, but she had to learnhow to survive with this identity Vs.Memory Jenna had no memory which means she lostthe path of what she had become in her past life she becames a newperson with a different way of thinking her body was fixedwith biogel So without memory, a body fixed, differentideals, thoughts. Who is the "real" Jenna fox? sourses Bibliography: Jmelberg.(2013). The adoration of Jenna Fox Characters. recovered on january 25 of 2015, (2014).The Adoration of Jenna Fox Summary & Study Guide. recovered on january 27 of 2015,,manual Images taken from:
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