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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Valley Forge V.S Battle Trenton V.S Revulutonairy War Allison and Jeff Valley Forge Battle of Trenton Revolutonary War -Had Occurred on Christmas-Had fought against the British and the Hessian- Washington and his men had captured 1000 of the British men.-They had done it because of the british and the territory of New York. -This battle was against the colonists and the British-While the British was warm, feed, and well clothed in Philadelphia the colonists were freezing, barely clothed,andin desperate need of nutritional food-This battle started in 1777 -Through out the cold months Mrs. Washington, also known as the first lady, sent out woven blankets for the troop, clothes, and as many items as she could -This "battle" was a symbol of independence and bravery so Washington would push his troops to keep going and stay strong when many people were on the verge of dying or giving -The British wanted freedom from England-The tension between England, and Soon to be America, grew as the English men wanted to have control over the Colonists' money, government and overallways-many battles happened throughout this time periodincluding The Stamp Act, The Boston Massacre,The Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington andConcord, Battle at Bunker Hill, Valley Forge,And Battle at Trenton Valley Forge was the "resting/preparing time for the Colonists while preparing for the Battle of Trenton These all were important events that lead upto America being free and independent The Valley Forge was a great resource for all of those who had been in the revelutionary war.
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