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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is database? Importance of database Database is a shared collection of logicallyrelated data designed to meet the informationneeds of an organization.It can easily beaccessed,managed,and updated. Database provide an efficient way to store ,retrieve and analyze data.While system files can function similarly to database,they are far less efficient.Database are especially important for business and research. No idea how a primary key should be used.Do not use application data for primary keys. Database 1.Primary key abuse Challenges/Issues faced during design & development 2.Improper normalization Turn everything into a relationship,and other developers never turn anythings into a relationship. 3.Naming standards Poor naming standards will cause variety of issues. 4.Hard deletes Data irreversibly or deleted permanently. 5.Improper Indexes Not using the appropriate amount of indexes. Suggestion on how to overcome Challenges/Issues 1.Primary key abuse Application data shouldn't be used for primary key. 2.Improper normalization Date shared among multiple rows.It not affect other rows in the same table. 3.Naming standards Make sure that our naming are consistent and logic. 4.Hard deletes Always use soft deletes in application instead. 5.Improper indexes Foreign keys should have an index. Real world example of database Pinnacle Gradebook What is Pinnacle Gradebook? Pinnacle Gradebook enables teachers and school administrators the ability to effectively References I) Database wikipedia Real world example of database
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