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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1814 1805 1807 1811 1812 1813 1814 1803 The British started a partial blockade which angered France which made France enactits own laws to control foreign shipping. The British started to raid ships and impress U.S. soldiers. Partial blockade General Harrison set out to attack the British force and defeated them.They won and the victory put an end to the British threats to the Northwest.Tecumseh died fighting for the British. Battle of Thames Embargo Act of 1807 Battle of Tippecanoe Congress declared war against Britain. Congress declared war It ended the War of 1812. (was signed two weeks before the Battle of New Orleans) Treaty of Ghent Britishs goal was to push south andcut off New England.The plan failed when the American fleet defeated the British. Battle of Lake Champlain After the battle, Tecumseh joined the British in Canada and became allies with them.The British provided aid to Native Americans (weapons). Impressment War of 1812 Timeline 1803-1815 and beyond American ships were no longer allowed to sail toforeign ports. Also, it closed American ports to British. ships. However it didn't work. Battle of New Orleans Ended the War of 1812. Also, it was the final major battle of the War of 1812.Andrew Jackson was the commander of this battle. He became a hero because he defeated the British. 1815 1815 and beyond Results of the war The war weakened the Native Americans who had sided with the British.Industry increased because the blockade forced usto make our own products. There was no clear winner after the war. (no territory changed) The U.S. gained pride as a result. (we believed that no one can beat us)We earned the star spangled banner,White House, and Andrew Jacksonbecame a war hero.Furthermore, we earned respect from other nations and countries.
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