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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 11 resolution Merida gains freedom and is able to do more than she was before and has a betterconnection to her family more than ever. 1 call to adventure.Merida tries to gain freedom andfollows the wisps in order to find it. 7 treasuremerida discovers how to change her mother backand races back into the castle in order to conductthe trial to change back. 3 Departure Merida leaves the castleand finds a wood carving shop that changes her fate into something else. 2 assistance. Merida is helped by the wisps and leads her to a place where she can change the fate she doesn't wanted 12 status quoMerida wishes for freedom, but her mother won't allow it. 10 new lifeMerida turns her mother back and isliving her life with more freedom andis living gratefully in the new kingdomthey had created. 9 returnMerida is freedby her brothers and is on her way to her mother with the cure and found her father with her mother trying to kill her. 4 trialsMerida takes the potion that changes her fate by giving it to her mother. 5 approachMerida accidentally changes her mother into a bear and tries to change her back and finds a temple with a hint to change her back. 8 resultmerida is locked in her room and her mother is sent running away while Merida is left aloneto do the trial herself. 6 crisisMerida has found mardu, the prince from ancientlegend that is said to have a strength of ten menand caused the downfall of the previous kingdom. Brave
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