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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Breadfruit Laulau Lomi Salmon Copyright Delicate Fortress Creations Breadfruit is originally from the early Hawaiians brought breadfruit to the island on canoes between 200 to 500 ad. It's common throughout Aisa and South Pacific. People say that Breadfruit has a sweet taste to it. Breadfruit (LUL) grows on big trees that may attain heights of 40-60 feet tall. The fruit itself is a large greenball that's rough on the surface and weighs up to10 pounds. The ripe fruit is pale yellow. It has a starchey texture, simalar to a patato. Lomi Salmon is also known as Lomi-Lomi salmon it is a sea food dish that originated in Hawaii. It is tipically prepared by mixing salted, diced salmon with tamatoes, crushed ice and green onions. Usually this mixing is done by hand with a "massaging" action, which gives the dish its name (lomi is hawaiian for "to message.")Lomi salmon is tipically foundat modern Hawaiian luaus, and it is said to complement poi, the polynesian staple made from taro. Taro is a well respected plant, not only in hawaii but also throughout polnesia and the pacific islands. While poi is made from the taro root, laulau is made from the leaves. Traditionally laulau is made withpork wrapped in layers of taro leaves and cooked in an underground not rock oven for hours until it turns soft and smokey flavored. The meat is tender and juicy while the leaves turn to a spinich like consistencey. Nowadays you can find fish, chicken or pork laulau in hawaii. Different Types of Hawaiian Foods You can try By: Chanterra Allen
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