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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Review resume and job description ensuring that the candidate meets minimum requirement Candidates completed application before onsite interview Review resume/application for gaps in history so that someone can ask about them during interview Review employment application for previous conviction prior to making a verbal offer If criminal history listed contact HR compliance team. Check box in iCIMS that you have reviewedapplicationRemind candidate with criminal history to not givenotice at current employer until they have cleared the background check Ready to Make an Offer After an Offer Is Accepted HIRING REMINDERS Steps to Initiate the PreEmployment Background Check in iCIMS (EASY!) 1. Select "Offer verbal extended" (stay in this step until you get the verbal accept)2. Select "Background/reference check initiated"3. Verify application information. Select Package. "Submit"4. Select "Offer accepted verbally" Before on Site Interview After Interview, But Before Making Verbal Offer 847.255.1852. Phone hours: Mon-Thur: 7am-12:30amFri 7am: 10:30pmSat 7am: Candidates will get email from Aurico to complete their profile and sign consentIf candidate does not start complete their portion, after 3 attempts (generally 1/day) Aurico will contact recruiter/initiator - reach out to candidateOnce submitted, HRSC will monitor results and communicate if OK/not OK to start Aurico's Contact Info
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