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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Queens and Female Rulers Eleanor of Aquitaine Olga of Kiev Empress Theodora of Byzantium Margaret of Anjou Anna Komnene Ruling from 527 to 548 A.D alongside her husband, Emperor Justinian I, Theodora was credited for expanding women's rights.Women were given divorce rights, such as property ownership, and guardianship rights over children.She also forbid exposure of unwantedchildren, and the punishment of killing women who commited adultery. yo aTH Aethelfaed, Lady of the Mercian Daughter of Alfred the Great, and sister of Edward"The Elder," Aethelflaed became the Mercians political and military ruler after her husband'sdeath. During the ongoing Danish invasions, she had built fortresses to defend WesternMercia. She also had led forces against the Danesat Derby, captured it, and defeated them at Leicester. Aethelflaed had also invaded Wales. Daughter of Byzantine Emperor,Alexius I Comnenus, Anna was known as the first woman to write a history,The Alexiad, which was fifteenvolumes of events that occurred during her father, and husband's reign. Shewrote about military, religious, and political aspects of history;and she also included medicine, astronomy, and science as well. Olga of Kiev was considered thefirst saint of the RussianOrthodox Church. She wasmarried to Prince Igor I of Kiev, andwhen he was murdered, Olga served regent from 945 to 963 until her son was ofage. Eleanor of Aquitane played a major role during the Middle ages. She first becamequeen of France when she married LouisVII, and they later on divorced once they took part in the Second Crusadedue to critics slandering Eleanor. She thenmarried Henry II of England, making her thequeen of England. Two of her sons wouldbecome kings. Wife of King Henry VI of England, Margaret was queen of England during 1445 to 1461, and once againduring 1470 to 1471. She was a known figure during the War of Roses, and she also led the Lancastrian Faction. Ruled from 911 to 918 A.D.
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