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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1 in 8 teens in the UnitedStates alone have beendiagnosed with socialanxiety, one of many thingsCharlie deals with in his life. Like many of us, Charlie is not close to many people in hisfamily, taking more interest inhis friends, as that is where hefeels at home. Through his letters, Charlieshows us the few things hefinds that he loves to do,which we all hope to findin high school at somepoint. Even if he has quite a few friends,he is closest to a few, which arePatrick and Sam, which is truefor most teens, shy or not. Charlie embodies what it is like tobe a teenager. He experiments, makes friends, creates and getsthrough drama, all those thingsthat happen in your teenage years,but through another pair of eyes. Interest/Skills/Careers Charlie ends up falling for a seniorgirl who he becomes best friends with. We've all either read about asituation like that, or been in one,ourselves. Interes t Skill s Careers double click to change this header text! Colleges Social Enterprising Reading Comprehension Active Learning Speaking OccupationalTherapist PhysicalTherapist NurseMidwife College s CarsonNewman Belmont The ability to interact and communicatewith people. The ability and desireto try new things and also succeed at them. The ability to readand understand textput in front of you. Having the ability toget up in front of agroup of people and talk. Having the ability toengage in activities andlearn from the experience. A person trained to help a patientrestore or improve mobility andreduce the pain they might have. Someone who helps others get backto work or daily activities after aninjury or sickness through therapy. A trained professional whoassists women during child birth. Makyla Chollman
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