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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Medieval Torture Devices Chair of Torture Saws Thumbscrews Heretics Fork GarrotteTorture Back in Medieval times, there were wars, crusades, kings and assassinations. All of which required a certain level of violence. People needed a way to punish prisoners or extract confessions, so the dark age torturers and executioners thought of these absolutely terrifying torture devices. The Judas Cradle This torture could last days or hours. A victim would sit on this pyramid shaped seat,with their legs tied together. If they moved one leg, the other would move as well, causing even more pain. There are many variants on this chair, but all include spikes covering the back, arms, seat and leg rests of the chair. To keep the victim from moving, they would be tied or pinned to this device. Saws were widely used as torture devices, as these tools were found in almost any house. Hanging a person upside down and sawing through them, lest they confess, was gory but affective. This device would slowly crush a victims neck, causing death from asphyxia. Fingers were placed inside this instrument and slowly crushed as a torturer would turn the handle. This device was a metal rod with a fork at each end. One fork would be placed under the chin and the other at the upper chest. A collar would support the fork, forcing the victim to hold their head erect, or else theyd experience pain. Amanda Alvarezperiod;3
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