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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Religion InBritish Literature The early 1800s Target audience is to people who find my information helpful. They can be learning about a certaintopic and then some of the main points thathad an effect with British LIterature in Religion. Religion and British Literature The effect of Religion in British Literature This image shows that a kind of church that the British would go to in the 1800s Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Taken place What is being represented IMAGE Audiance Topic Abstract I want to reasearch what effect British LIterature had on Religion in the early 1800s. I used different websites and books to manage all of my information. People learned how to read and write.They used different types of forms to express it. Writing John and Margret wherewere a married couple. John was a business manand Margret was a housewife. They wrote lettersback and forth to each other while John was on a businesstrip. With all the faith they had, as religion wouldfall into this. It wasn't easy for everyonethough, because not everyone back in the 1800s knew how to readand write. Also because they didn't have an education. Music In the 1800s they would have a more funky typeof genre. They also used that genre when theywere going through some changes at that time. I believe that people were very inspired to write,and some had their own religion. Turn theminto songs or lyricsthat they would enjoyand remember. As the years keptgoing by the generes also changedand i believe it was for people to dance to now rather than writetheir words. For Christmas they would have their traditional song like"Silent Night""O Holy Night"The songs that had a whole meaning to Christmas. He brings Literature and Language togetherin this book. He has a lot of belief in religion as well. Literature
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