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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 13 JOBS STAKEHOLDER IMPLEMENTATION PROJECT ADMINISTRATION POLITICAL GUIDANCE Van der Merwe and Sons liaison with founder funders and implementation partnersproject managementscript, filming (pre and post production) facilitator and advisormonitoring and evaluationproject deepeningfinancial oversight and control FES Friedrich Ebert Stiftung initial project fundingfunding to the start ups BIHL Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited initial project funding & project fundingsupport of text messaging, marketing and data management Orange DeBeers / Anglo America MTI Ministry of Trade and Industry (EDD Economic Diversification Drive) support of funding for the facilitation of the implementation partnerssupport of funding for the successful candidates MEWT Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism BNYC Botswana National Youth Council consultations MYSC Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture LEA Local Enterprice Authority one-stop shop to support the start ups and possibly follow up leads from the TV series CEDA Citizens EntrepreneurialDevelopment Agency soft loans to start upsgrants to participants in the TV series financial, advisory and technical support to the participants BOCCIM Botswana Chamber Commerce Industry and Manifacturing information about legislative developments business networking opportunities important mentoring role BIH Botswana Innovation Hub(FSVC First Steps Venture Centre) support of entrepreneurship and innovation through technology transfer Botswana TV vehicle for the flighting of the TV series
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