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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AND ARE GREAT TO LOOK AT Locations Affected extra about I.R PLAIN CONTENT FILL MEIN WITH INTERESTINGCOPY AndreaBillordo Europe. Return on Rubber. Role ofRubber. The countries in Europe benefited the most from the Industrial Revolution because the countries that colonized other countries in Africa obtained mostof their raw materials, had military power, and controlled their economy.Countries were able to tax the natives and make them work for little or nomoney. The raw materail was thenprocessed and traded with other countries The role that Rubber took inthe progression of the Industrial Revolution is greatly due to all movement it brought up for trading raw materials, for improving the economy for the Motherlands, manyinventions were created at the time to process raw materials in factories.Since factories were built in cities,populations grew aswell. The locations that were negatively affected the most was the Congo,the center of Africa. The people were severely abused, tortured, injured, threaten, and exploited. Under the rule of Leopold II of Belgium between 2 and 15 million natives from the Congo were killed.The location that benefited the mostwas in Europe most countries gained a lot money from trading the raw material(rubber) obtained for such low cost. This benefitted their economy. The industrial revolution was from 1750-1900when factories big machines werebuilt.Farm wages were low too.
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