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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] DID YOUY KNOW ANIMALS CAN PREDICT DISASTER? DIRECT QUOTE INDIRECT QUOTE 1. "In 2004, a 810 mile swath of Sunda Megathrust Ruptures between the Indian Ocean and it triggered a 9.1 magnitude earthquake. Some people thought something like a disaster was coming because animals were acting very strange"(Kampwirth)2. "People knew that something after the earthquake was coming because their animals were acting strange. Elephants trumpeted and dogs refused to go outside."(Kampwirth)3. "For centuries, Humans and some scientist have been saying that animals can predict disasters in stories, blogs, websites, ect., but no one would believe them."(Kampwirth)4. "While its clear that animals have different or heightened sensory compared to humans, very few scientist will run test on animals that they think can predict disaster."(Kampwirth)5. "Some people and scientist say that animals have a primal sixth sense that sends alerts like a disaster coming!"(Kampwirth) 1. In 2004, an earthquake hit India and animals acted weirdly by moving to higher ground.(Kampwirth)2. During the earthquake Elephants trumpeted and dogs wouldn't go outside.(Kampwirth)3. People have been saying animals can predict disaster for centuries.4. Scientist and humans say animals can predict disaster because of their heightened senses.5. Animals predict disaster with a sixth sense.(Kampwirth) Jessica Martinez2nd period
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