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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 did you know that animals have their own drama? u your welcome Idirect quotes Direct quotes here my proof & here do I have proof to show that this is true. well OF COURSE! Alejandra's WHY project!!!! Mrs.long The Human Society (of the USA)tries to help out any animal butwhen conflict rolls around that'swhen things get mixed up. "We The Human Society of USA pledgeto help the cats that are in our need." -sign petition to help cats link down there. (The Human Society of the USA) If these characteristics fit the discription of the rabbit you found then you have a loner which is ok for the rabbit. "The Human Society, of the USA stands up for all animals,but this is a challengewhen the animals that we protect come into conflict." (The Human Society of USA) Did you know that the The Human Society of the USA is so.......worried about the catsthat they actually pledge to help any cat in need?To me personally is AMAZING and heart warming. "If you see a rabbit and it is the size of a chipmunk plus has eyes open, earserected, with the ability to hop then it is ok by itself." (Lockley) DO NOT let your dogs or cats outside if u see a rabbit orrabbit nest! "Outdoor cats and dogsare a BIG threat torabbits." (Lockey) "Even though a rabbit is small doesn't make it an orphan/loner." (Lockley) Some of u might think that just bc something is small I is defenseless not rabbits. Meow-kitty hi-rabbit here ---> <---and here
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