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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Great Wolf Lodge Great Wolf Lodge 76,000 square foot waterpark Pocono Mountain, Pennsylvania Sandusky, Ohio water slide scare-o-meter number 1-Coyote Canyon scares-1111 number 1 tie- Double Barrel Drop scares-1111 number 3- Hydro Plunge scares-111 number 4- Alberta Falls scares-11 number 5- Totem Towers waterslides scares- 0 Food Moose CottageOffers breakfastLunchDinner Hungry As A Wolf PizzaHas to offer many choices of pizza also salads and drinks and subs Bedding In each GWL hotel there is more then 310 rooms For kids who want a great place to stay just ask for a kids kamp Entertainment Waterpark so much fun has water slides lazy river challenges and excitment late night shows have fun with the gang as they have fun with you Arcade play games win tickets and win toys stuffed animals also howl at the moon have fun at the 18 hole golf in the dark it is glow in the dark mini golf 10 paw alley bowling have fun bowling at 10 paws. Howler's peak rope course good luck going through growler howlers Shadowquest see if you have the power Cub Club on wheels so much activity's to offer. Compass quest fun and exciting magiquest Howly Wood Creation Station scoops kid spa Water Park Slap Tail Pond Racoon Laggon Whooping Hollow Totem Towers Cub Paw Pool Big foot pass Fort mackenzie Chinook cove River Canyon Run Double barrel Drop Hydro Plunge Coyote Cannon Alberta Falls Desert Bear Paw Sweets and Eats we offer Ice cream Dip'n'dotsDivvies cookies and kettle corn and much much more Thank you For choosing great wolf lodge and enjoy your stay Poconos Mountain, Pennsylvania Pizza Hut Express When that pizza craving hits, head to Pizza Hut Express and enjoy your choice from the many familiar options.In Water park Is Grizzly Rob's Bar we have
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