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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Marine Biologist The top 10% earn more than $95,430 a year. The lowest 10% earn less than $37,100 a year. What Marine Biologist Do Study the characteristics of animals, such as their interactions with other species, reproduction, population dynamics, diseases, and movement patterns Write research papers, reports, and scholarly articles that explain their findings Give presentations on research findings to academics and the general public Develop conservation plans and make recommendations on wildlife conservation and management issues to policymakers and the general public What you need to become a Marine Biologist -maintain good grades-take an advanced class on biology-go to a four year college and major in biology-complete internships-have a bachelor's degree double click to change this header text! 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 2012 2022 Jobs Available ( In 10,000's) Year 2012-2022 This job will be 5% slowerthan average in the future Skills you need to become a Marine Biologist Writing - Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience. Speaking - Talking to others to convey information effectively. Complex Problem Solving - Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Science - Using scientific rules and methods to solve problems. Technology Design - Generating or adapting equipment and technology to serve user needs. And More!
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