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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Charles Lindbergh The First man to fly the Atlantic Solo Wall InfoPhototsNotesFriendsSubscriptions Write Post Insert Photo/Video Write Something... After I flew across the Atlantic, I was on everyone in America's radio. Can you believe it!? Everybody in the U.S. knew about it the moment I put down in England! I would like to give Henry Ford a big Thank you for making the assembly line popular. Without it, the Spirit of St. Louis would never have flown. Those assembly line airplane parts are the bees knees. Amelia Earhart and Bessie Coleman are very brave to be flying at certain shows.A lot of men don't like seeing women in the cockpit. I like the way Ms. Coleman is only flying at shows where African Americans get equal seating, but there are people who are getting in a lather about it. Charles Lindbergh Info ~ First Man to fly across the Atlantic Solo ~ Won the Orteig prize for the Atlantic crossing (25 grand) ~ I Invented the first artificial heart Photos Notes Friends Amelia Earhart Bessie Coleman Subscriptions It gets me all wound up when I fly by and see people sitting on flagpoles like they do nowadays. Culture says it's fine, but common sense says it's just plain ridiculous. I wonder how many people have been killed by falling from a flagpole. When I got back from France, a tom of people had these things called vacuum cleaners. The way I understand it, it uses an electric motor to spin a blower, which sucks the dust and dirt off the floor. It's made on an assembly line, so they're pretty cheap. I actuallly kind of like them. Men's leather driving jackets! Now for only $10! While I was preparing for my flight, I went to these nightclubs once and a while. They generally had a jazz band playing and lots of people dancing. Some of those ladies, I dunno, not very wise if you ask me. I don't see what's so fashoinable about those dresses anyway. Man, I love going to the movies. You only need 5 cents to get in, and you basically party all night. First, you see the actual movie, which is kind of weird, cause' it's like moving people on a screen. Then, the screen goes up, and we have a dance party and snacks for the rest of the evening. I don't see why anyone is getting in a terrible lather over prohibition. I don't drink. When I fly over big cities like Chicago, I see vacant lots which get filled to the gills with dumped barrels. Even though I don't drink, I say it's a waste. As they say during flight school, you can't fly when you're intoxicated!
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