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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources here Roman Entertainment Introduction To Roman Entertainment Many people know about roman gladiatorsand chariot racing as it was a very popularway to entertain the poeple of Rome. Although many people didnt have much spare time because they werealways working, they liked games.Some of the things Romans liked werevery gruesome as they enjoyed gladiator fights. roman chariot racing was very rough,they were 7 laps and 12 chariotes could race at one. Chariotes were alwaysvery light which made them quite dangerous as they often fell out of themwhere they could get trampled by horses. Influence On Modern Society Roman Gladiators For more than 650 years, people flockedarenas all of the empire to watch Gladiatorfights as it was the most notorious form ofentertainment. The Roman citizens liked to think that the gods liked gladiator fights so the romans would regularly organize gladiator fights in the arena. Gladiators would usually fight eachother or other animals such as lions and bears for amusment of the poeple. If a gladiator was seriously injured, his fate was usually left in the hands of the spectators. The spectators would then signal if they wanted him dead or to keep him alive. Roman Origins Chariot racing dates back all the way to the sixth century. It was a quite popularform of entertainment among the Etruscanswho dominated rome for a period of timeand contributed to alot of the roman civilization. The first gladiatorial gamesoccured in 264 BCE when Junius Brutuspassed away and it became more frequentand popular. Roman Chariot racing
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