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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1980's 1990's Analysis Creation of templates and wire frames Organization and business goalsRaw contentLearning goalsLearner profile Definition of type of the POCDefinition of scope and size of the POCCreation of scripts/storyboards for the POCCreation of unique instancesDevelopment of the POCID and peer reviews on the produced POC PROJECT LIFE CYCLE Understand the requirementCreation of query listEstimation of effort hours and Activity list Resource planningNeed-based research on the requirementSME inputs and SME interaction planning Determination of learning goals and course objectiveIdentification of learning experiencesIdentification of instructional design strategiesCreation of course outline/structure Definition of the technology challenges and requirements Instructional DesignsID Review of the storyboards as per style guidelines and checklistsID Review of the produced course for ease of use, content accuracy, appropriateness of presentation and achievement of course objectives.Visual designPer review of the completed courseThird eyeQA review for adherence to style guidelines, accuracy and adherence to strategySubject Matter Expert (SME)SME review of course outline/ objectivesSME review of scripts and storyboardsSME review of the product course for accuracy of content presentation Creation of project-specific style guide and checklistCreation of scripts and story boardsInvolvement of SME Creation of individual slides Integration of the completed filesReadying of the course for final deployment Beta fixes and validation of client Alpha fixes and validation of client Client Brief and Requirement Needs Analysis and Pre-planning double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Technology Visual Design Technology Instructional Design Instructional Design Visual Design
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