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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bessie Coleman Friend s Bessie Coleman Ads Likes Informatio n -First African-american female pilot to fly an airplane-first African american to get plane license.-born on January 26, 1892-Lives in Alanta,TX Zora Neale Hurston RadioNewspaper Jasmine Paulk I'm really loving this roles for women thing. We finally get to do what we want like voting and wearing what we want like short dresses and I don't know why these men are getting in a lather about it. The assembly line really made it faster to build my planes. Its the Bees Knees! Flapper dress for sale.Only $16.00 Gloves and hat included! Aw, Applesauce! I think this discrimination against blacks isworrying me. But no matter what i'm gonna keepon flying anyway. My favorite thing to listen to on the radio is jazz music.Especially jazzplayer Louis Armstrong. Keep on going Louis! Louis Armstrong Henry ford made the amazing assembly line and a car. I love the new cars and there cheaper because there made on an assembly line. The radio really helped me get popular. Plus its so keen to use.I love listening to the sports station often and jazz. I was so ecstatic when movies came out they were Ducky.I really liked Charlie Chaplin movies The newspapers help me a lot when I do something new with my planes, Its the Bees Knees! Men get cool Fedora for only $6.00 Source s e.html costume.html -302.php
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