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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Townshend Act Quartering Acts vs. 1. When? May 3, 1765 and June 2, 17742. Where? New york (headquarters)3. Why? The Quartering act of 1765 was createdbecause they needed a place to put the soldiers.4. Who was impacted? British soldiers, citizens, andeven their own goverment- it affected the colonistsbecause many of them went homeless.5. What would your opinion of the Quartering Act havebeen if you were a colonist? I wouldnt have liked itbecause I wouldnt have had a home or I would havebeen killed.6. What would your opinion of the Quartering Acthave been if you were a British soldier? I would havefelt bad because iI was taking peoples homes. A lotof the pressure would have been on me.7. How could ( and did) the colonists make the QuarteringAct work to their advantage? The spied on the british to findout what they were planning.8. How were the Quartering Acts of 1765 & 1774 similar?They were similar by they both decided to agree with theirso called enemy. 9. How were the Quartering Acts of 1765 & 1774 different?The wars were different because in the second one didn'trequire the colonies to give the British Provisions. 1. When? June 17672. Where? Great Britain3. Why? It happened because the British didn't have enoughmoney to support their own people from the war.4. Who was impacted? The British treasurer CharlesTownshend and the King.5. Compare the Townshend Acts with the Navigation Acts.[ DOK 2] Both acts put taxes on different goods and madeit more expensive to trade. They made it so you could onlybuy and trade from England.6. Contrast the Townshend Acts with the Navigation Acts.[DOK 2} The townshend act just put a tax ongoods while thenavigation act made it so you couldonly trade on Englishships and no others.7. From the British perspective, what makes the TownshendActs better than the Stamp Act? [ DOK 3] It forced thecolonists to pay taxes.8. Investigate how the Townshend Acts were enforced by theBritish. [DOK3] They sent British troops to the colonies to enforcethe acts and used money from the taxes to maintain the troops.9. Cite evidence that the Townshend Acts were not withoutconsequence. [DOK3] The Americans refused to pay for thingsthat were over taxed until they quit taxing it except tea. It alsogave the officials to search anything and anyone without anywarrant which is why we have the 4th amendment today. Compare
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