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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Customer Service and Fulfillment 2015 Goals Progress Report - Sprint 6 Booked Wrong Date/ClassSize: S Team: CSSValue: $195,000 (Retail Loss)Delivery: March Single Click Fare RulesSize: M Team: SERVValue: $423,000 (AHT)Delivery: March IVR for EBCHSize: M Team: CSSValue: $20,000 (AHT)Delivery: February Top 4 Fulfillment JirasSize: M Team: SATValue: $80,000 (AHT)Delivery: March $1.6M Progress to Goal AHT Contact Ratio In Progress this Sprint Completed technical spike for single-click fare rules. Key Accomplishments Launched mini-IVR for EBCH. Added Amadeus skill to softphone. Jan. Feb. Mar. Booked WrongClass Fix$195K Apr. Retai Loss $1.3M $495,000 $195,000 Organizations that create alow-effort service experience,helping their customers solve problems quickly and easily, are most successful at building customer loyalty. Why Effortless Experience Matters Team Member Spotlight Joe DeveloperWhat I Do: blah blah blahFavorite TV Show: Walking DeadFavorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost ArkHobbies: GolfFavorite Trip: London "I'm working on a feature that will keep our customers from ever having to call us again...ever." Effortless Experience Book Club Notes Chapters 2 and 3 - Effort Tracking Metrics/Customer Effort Score - The First Rule of Book Club: "You TALK about Book Club." "If you can't measure it, you're not doing it." "Amazon is one of my favoriteplaces to shop because its soeasy and quick to buy." "I was surprised that how little'customer satisfaction' actuallyinfluenced 'loyalty.'". Sprint Detail This is where we can add detailed information.
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