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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The adoration of Jenna Fox Jenna Fox is tryingto find again herreal identity, who she is, and if she is even a human. Plot Main Topic Who Am I? Until which point are we still considered humans? Introduction: Jenna started to live a live she didn't knew it was about, or what she had to do, she only new she had to start all over Body: Jenna starts knowing the truth about everything that happened such as the accident and that she killed hes friends, and she had very few possibilities to live after it, but she could using a technology that her dad invented, named Bio Gel.She also went to the school and met new friends. Conclusion:Some of her friends, first didn't agree with the "freak" she was, but at the end she and her friends end up accepting her as she was, and also being as she was. Something that we liked about the book was that it was told by Jenna so we could knew her feelings and thoughts me feelings memory Human? Identity some characters Allys:a friend Jenna met in school, and first, she didn't agree with Bio Gel, but she end up using it. Ethan: a guy of school that was in love with Jenna and showed her how real feelings are like. Dad: he was a doctor that helped Jenna to survive the accident, and he supported her. Mom: she wanted Jenna to be perfect, and made her feel pressured, and also wanted her to recover her memory fast, so she was protective Lily: was her grandmother who helped her to discover things she didn't know, answered all the questions, and helped her find herself. Is the story of that had In wich she survived Thanks to BioGel that is a new technology that her dad invented But she lost her memory, so she has to go back to the process of finding herself Referencias BigliograficasLibro: The Adoration of Jenna Fox. Mary Pearson (April 29, 2008. Walker Books.Video: The Adoration of Jenna Fox. HenryHoltBYR (Marzo 6, 2008). Imagenes:Imagen Tomada de: Tomada de:,204,203,200_.jpgImagen Tomada de: Tomada de: Tomada de:
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