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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Work experience: September 2014 January 2014 Account manager at Web promotion agency Seo-Studio Main responsibilities:- Customer development and loyalty increase;- Key metrics analysis and client reporting;- Company service upsell;- Customer clarification on search engine and analyst service work. Self Employed December 2013 May 2012 Main activities:- Sales of goods and services (souvenir products, hardware, installation of video surveillance, logistic services etc.);- Keeping negotiations with customers;- Searching and performing negotiations with contractors and suppliers. May 2012 May 2010 Head of Regional Service and Project Coordinator at Research agency Next Vision Main responsibilities:- Selection of candidates for the project;- Project reporting development and coordination with the client;- Planning and allocation of financial and human resources for the project;- Client communication and project reporting;- Obtaining work permissions in retail chains;- Conducting joint meetings with clients representatives in retail outlets to explain the methodology of the project Increased staff x 3 Increased staff x 3 Outlet coverage + 20% Outlet coverage + 20% Contemprorary support of 5 projects Contemprorary support of 5 projects December 2009 December 2008 Service support operator at PLC Kyivstar Main responsibilities: - Finding problem solutions and solving subscribers complaints;- Informing subscribers on company's services;- Support in connection and sharing of services;- Sales of services A grade customer support A grade customer support Best app seller of the month Best app seller of the month
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