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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 adiel sales Syndicate Project Ali-a Alastair Aiken is a british Youtuber. He was born on November 6th. He is known as Ali-a. He started his channel as Matroix, Ali-a made amazing videos of Call of Duty. He has more than 5 million subscribers in his main channel and in his second he has more than 1 million subcribers. Ali-a is also known for his Call of Duty. On 2013 he started his second channel which is called MoreAliA, were he uploads pixelmon, and "Ali-A's Adventure". When he plays Call of Duty he usally say's boiiis, brah, cheeky, oh let's go, and get turned on. He is a famous youtuber & has 10,000,000,000 subcribershe has also met some awesome people like ali-a, sumpii, nadeshot, adapt, & rain. Tom Cassell is also a british Youtuber. Tom was born on June 23, 1993. He is known as TheSyndicateProject, Tom Syndicate, or Syndicate. He is 21 year old commentator and vlogger. His main channel was in opened on the 3rd of september of 2010, his channel grew bigger to become one of the biggest gaming channels on Youtube. Syndicate has over 8 million subscribers to date. He started as Halo and Modern Warfare 2 videos but then he started to play the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and then it went to The Minecraft Project. He is number 37 in the most subscribed Youtuber right under Yuya. He had a friend named CaptainSparklez, they were playing who had the most subscribers but CaptianSparklez won.
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