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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE TRENDS OF THE SEASONS IN 2015 Summer/ Spring collection The Summer/ Spring collection of 2015 will bring back all of the pastel colours. But for those who dare to take risks yellow is the new summer colour. The country-style will be the new trend this summer season, like long breezy flower dresses and short denim pants.Also a lot of long and short colourful skirts will do good this years. And of course colourful printed crop tops.Also white and black Business jackets and tube skirts will be very important for the working women. Pants with big pipes made of denim fabric will be back this season. There will be a lot of denim clothing and soft colour clothing this season. But for the risk takers will be a lot of bright colours. This Summer/ Spring collection will bring some style of the 50s back, like printed skirts and crop tops. Autumn/Winter The Autumn winter trends of 2015. A lot of warm, neutral colours, also a lot of black, dark colours. Big, long, oversize clothing. Coats and clothing made of fur, wool, feathers and thick fabric. This autumn will bring us back the poncho, like a chic blanket. The fur coat will be very trending this autumn, winter. Big long coats with fur, a little bit ordinary, but also black, long, overcoat jackets. This autumn trend are middle short dresses. Little dresses made of soft colour fabric. The winter of 2015 will bring us dreamy, imaginative and dresses, like a fairytales.This seasons bring also a lot of dark, military, dominating colours. Black, white long coats of geometric patterns. Pants and coats of military colour. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. But the Autumn/ Winter collection of 2015 will also bring back some patterns of the 60s, like the middle long dresses and some of the colours
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