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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2. KINDERGARTEN The Journey to Becoming a Teacher The Journey to Becoming a Teacher 1. MY CHILDHOOD Throughout my childhood reading and writingwere very important aspects to my life. My mother has always loved to read and she passed this love for reading and writing on tome. Every night before bed she would read Robert Munch books to me. The book "I Love You Forever" was one of the first booksI was able to read on my own. I can rememberbeing excited about this time and became increasingly more excited about attending school.This sense of role modeling was forever a part ofmy personality. I want to model my love for reading to my students just as my mother has donefor me. I will have a variety of texts in the classroom help my students to find something that helps to spark their passion. Every child is excited when they go to school and Iwas no exception. I went to preschool and then to kindergarten. I can remember learning to read and write, first building on letter recognition, moving to sounding out letters, and learning sight words. Throughout Language Arts I have become more and more familiar with the reading process. I have learnedthat reading comes with practice at each and everystep. As a teacher who wants to teach early primary,this concept is very important. I will take the time to teach my students every part of the process to ensuretheir success. By: Kaitlyn O'Hara 3. LAUREN I like to think that my younger sister was my first student. My sister and I are 6 years apart. When we were younger I would play school with her and force her to be the student. I would use all of the skills that I learnedat school and try them out on her. This shows that I have wanted to be ateacher almost my entire life. I want to be a teacher that gets to know each and every one of her students and cater to their individual needs.Language Arts has taught me many different instructional strategies suchas interactive read alouds, alphabet books, K-W-L charts and word laddersthat I can use to enhance the curriculum. These strategies will allow me to reach out to each learner and cater to their individual learning styles. Overall,the resources in this lecture will make me more successful. 6. UNIVERSITY 4. GRADE 6 READING COMPREHENSION 5. TIM HORTON MEMORIAL CAMP When I was in grade six, we had to read booklets and answer comprehension questions. We were assessedat the beginning of the year and was assessed abovegrade level. I had to travel to the "big kid" hallway toget my leveled reading booklets. This feeling of accomplishment made me want to read more. I thinkit is important to encourage students, no matter their level of accomplishment. During the summers I work at a low-income children's camp. We foster learning for our campers through exposing them to a largeamount of reading materials. Since working at camp I have workedon exposing campers to both chapter and picture books. The campers also have to write a letter to the restaurant owner who sent them to camp thanking them for the experience. I always work withthe campers who lack the ability to read and write. I think that technology could be very useful in this circumstance. I think that using technology in the classroom will allow me to further modify and accomidate the curriculum and give the gift of reading and writing to each and every student. University and my Bachelor of Education programhave taught me to always foster my love for learning.I hope to continue to learn and grow throughout my teaching career. Overall, I have learned that a teacher can learn many lifelessons from a student.
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