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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 for a predefined infographic start by dragging a theme onto the canvas your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] when your ready donot forget to save your visual. The Navigation Act In America and england 15 The 13 colonies where impacted. 12 GAMES12 POINTS 1651 Fish, grain, and salt were not included because they were a necessary item that people used every day. The colonists had to have fish for a food source and grain for theiranimals. Fish, grain and salt were not a luxury item that you can buy when you wanted, Fish grain and salt were not Taxed Negative impact of the Molasses Act double click to change this header text! This new system removed the traditional British protection to a fair trial. In addition to lowering the tax on sugar and enforcing collection of taxes ,the new law also affected the trade of certain commodities. Lumber and iron were added to the list of products that could only be traded with England. Navigation Acts impact the Northern Colonies more What made the early Navigation Acts unique British colonies as they developed parliament enacted the first navigation in 1660. The purpose of navigational acts was two fold: to protect British shipping against competition from the dutch and other foreign powers, and to grant British merchants a monopoly on colonial commodities such as tobacco and sugar. From Britains perspective, reasonableness of the Navigation Acts The British loved the idea of the Navigation acts because they brought in more money. With making people pay more for less they were able to gain a lot of money with no labor From the colonists perspective, unreasonableness of the Navigation Acts Colonists reacted with anger. They were very unhappy that they had to pay higherexpenses for goods, buy only from British boat, white crue, and follow other changing details. Everything they had they could only get it by making it home made, grown, or bought from the pricey British. The colonists were frustrated with the Navigation Act, and had felt taken advantage of. The act caused many people to go into poverty. They lost money because they could only trade with the British and didn't have any of the other opportunities to Gain money from their tobacco and sugar or other usefull resources
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