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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Washington Crosses the Delaware Invasion of Canada vs VS Even though the Crossing of the Delaware is the most famous event, the Invasion of Canada was still relevant 1. This event took place in December 26, 17762. It happened at the Delaware River and Pennsylvania 3. This happened because the continental army desperately needed victory because they had been defeated over and over again recently. They had been switching back and forth on land and running away from each other.4. The continental army were definatly affected because they were the victors,and the Hessians were defeated,so they definatly suffered a loss of moral. 5. The Hessians were the 30,000 German troops hired by the British to fight during the American Revolution.6. A mercenary is an army who gets paid to do service and fight for one side just to get money. 7. The Hessians may have seen the continental army coming andcould have prepared for them.8. A victory is when you win over a battle against your enemy, a morale boost is when you know you did good and you are happy but you didn't necessarily win.B. The Continental Army was sick of being defeated. They had been chased back and forth and were done running from their dignity.They decided they would create a surprise attack on the Hessians. The plan was to arrive earlier than they did but they struggles of crossing the river due to lack of equipment. 1. This event took place in Winter/Spring of 1776 and 17772.This event happened at Quebec/Montreal, Canada. 3. This happened because the Patriots tried to take the Canadian/ British fort when the Britishwere trying to get more troops for the war.4.The French were impacted because they had to defend their home from the patriots. The patriots army had to rush to Quebec only to be defeated and have close to no army left. 5. It is important to learn about this because if they had won the battle at Quebec, we might have a 51st state.6.The Patriots thought that the Canadians are stubborn and statistical. They did not take the bait of soldiers firing at the front. 7. The Patriots failed because they did not have any supplies, so the soldiers were starving and had very little ammunition. The Patriots were outnumbered 1,200 to 1,800. One of the leaders, Montgomery, and the officers were all killed. 8. Our plan to attack Quebec is to cut off supplies. Eventually they will run out of ammunition and food, forcing surrender. I would also attack the supporting troop ships to prevent them from getting reinforcements. 9. The Americans learned that support is crucial. They also learned that they need to know their landscape better in order to keep more troops with them.B. The Patriots tried to take control of two forts owned by theFrench- Canadians, to get more troops and gain Canada.C. The result of the event is that the colonists lost the fight against the French-Canadian and British because of lack of men and resources. They also had most of their men turn back because the conditions were terrible and they didnt know the landscape. They lost some of the highest ranking people and the new person in charge retreated.D. I think the outcome should have been different, because one of the flanking sides had gotten past the defenses, but retreated. If they had kept going then they may have taken the fort.E. The Americans could have gotten more reinforcements and taken the fort making Canada the 14th colony. F. The patriots attempted to attack more than one side at a time like The Battle of Saratoga.G. We recommend that they bring more food, and not retreat after they get through the defenses.H. The British were trying to fight for the land that they thought belonged to them, so they tried to get more allies.I. The Patriots did not want the British to gain Canada as their allies because they knew that if they did, they would lose the war.J. "Revolutionary War Invasion of Canada." Revolutionary War Invasion of Canada. NA, n.d. Web. 15 Jan. 2015. C. Washington's army fought and gained victory over the Hessians.E. Washington's army could have unsuccessfully crossed the river. The continental army could have lost and the Hessians might have won.Washington could have not been leading and his courage and perseverance would have not been present and they could have lost
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