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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 George "Papa Bear" Halas Sources: Hibner, John Charles (1993). "University of Oregon and University of Pennsylvania (1917)", in The Rose Bowl, 19021929: A Game-by-Game History of Football's Foremost Event, from its Advent through its Golden Era. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc. I lay in bed sick, wishing I could be at my Bears game. But you dont got to get in a lather because I can listen to it over the radio. So can anyone else that doesnt want to buy those expensive tickets and possibly freeze their tail off. The assembly line helped make my new ford car. I used to have to use public transportation or find another way. The cars used to be realllly expensive. Now they are more affordable for the regular person. Thank god for the assembly line! It helps make easy maintenance supply's for a regular day person.Like the washing machine, therefore I can get one now. Instead of having to pay $250 clams earlier. New music that I discovered by Louis Armstrong really gets me goin! Not used to this new jazz! This funky music used to not be around for the whites. But with the american renaissance, jazz has been revealed to all races! American renaissance was time where black culture was spread, Ads Flapper Hats!Buy a new Flapper Hat for12-15 Clams Boater Hats! But a new Boater Hat for16-18 Clams I remember back in my day, we were only allowed to learn about god. I heard today that a man named by John Scopes, changed this. He went against the law and taught evolution. This will give different options for kids in the future. Letting kids know they're is different things. As I drive home from one of my games, I see a girl on the rode lookin' strange. She has on short skirts, a funny hat, and just everything was off. This must of been a flapperA girl trying to test the border with new fashion. I guess things are a changin. Back in my mama's day, she barely had any rights. But now I heard that women can vote! They are getting better jobs, better pay, and more equality. This will bring people from all over to work and live a well life Back when I was young, football wasn't that big of a thing. I would play, ask others, but not many would come. Now though, Football and all these new and upcoming sports are rising! Thousands of more viewers are watching everyday. Now America will have sports to all enjoy together Duke EllingtonLouis Armstrong Friends Brandon Brown
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