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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jolly Rancher and Sour Patch are the best candies people think they are both the best however they have many differences between the two Sour Patch Jolly Rancher VS FLAVORS COLORS TASTE WHEN MADE TEXTURE HOW MAY BOUGHT VOTES DIFFERENT KINDS FIRST FACTORY IMAGES Not so fast jolly ranchers What is wrong everybody knows we are better:D NO you are not the bestyou don't even have feet so our flavors are the best Fine you guys are the jolly loozers lol There are 5 flavors.(cherry,blue raspberry,grape,sour apple,and watermelon). There are 8 flavors.(watermelon,strawberry,apple,cherry,and blue raspberry,lime,lemon,and grape). Jolly ranchers have 4 colors red,blue,green,and pink. Sour patch has 8 colors violet,purple,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,and pink. Jolly rancher taste a little sour . Sour patch has a sour then sweet taste Jolly ranchers were made in 1949 by Bill Harmsen. Sour patch was made in the 1970 by Frank Galatolie Jolly ranchers texture is hard and smooth. Sour Patches texture is bumpy and squishy. Sour patch has 26g sugars. Jolly rancher has 3.5g of sugars. SUGAR 185 Jolly ranchers have been sold every day. 200 Sour patch have been sold every day. Jolly ranchers got a vote of 23,075. Jolly ranchers has 7different types of canies Sour patch got a vote of 4,110,587 Sour patch has 17 types of different candies Jolly ranchers first factory is in Golden,Colorado Sour Patch's first factory was in Hamilton,Ontario
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