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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Econimic Growth Full Employment Equitable Distribution of Income The federal debt-to-ratio isexpected to fall to 27.0% in 201718, below its pre-recession low,putting the Government well on itsway towards achieving its target of25% GDP by 2021 Economic Action Plan 2014 advancesthe Governments commitment to controldirect program spending with proposals toensure that all spending is reasonable thegovernment also has to input money backinto the economy Investing $11.8 million over two yearsand $3.3 million per year ongoing tolaunch an enhanced Job MatchingService to help connect Canadians withavailable jobs. The Government is also introducinga number of measures to improve thefairness and integrity of the tax systemand to ensure everyone pays their fairshare. Economic growth can sprout fromnew resource, more skilled labourandbetter technology These savings build on previousactions taken to return to budgetarybalance, the Government hasannounced savings that will reduce thedeficit by more than $19 billion in 201516 and beyond, for a total of more than$117 billion in savings over the 201011to 201819 period $40 million over two years, startingin 201415, to renew the StrategicInvestments in Northern EconomicDevelopment program Expanding tax incentives for clean energygeneration to include a broader range ofequipment. he planned reduction in federal debtwill help to ensure that Canadas totalgovernment net debt burden willremain the lowest, of any G-7 country Full employment results inoptimal production. At this point theeconomy is usually at the boom. Investing $75 million over three years toassist unemployed older workers byrenewing and expanding the TargetedInitiative for Older Workers program. Using resources responsibly andconserving the environment is part of the action plan for the 2014 budget. Actions in Economic Action Plan 2014to return to budgetary balance willproduce additional savings totaling $9.1billion over six years. Reduce Public Debt $3 million over three years to supportthe Earth Rangers Foundation to expandits existing family-oriented conservationand biodiversity programming. Canada'sEconomic Goals Canada'sEconomic Goals Environmental Stewardship Taking steps to strengthen internaltrade, including the development ofInternal Trade Barriers Index to identifymeasures currently restricting trade,growing theeconomy Investing more money towardspublic services to prevent poverty By: Martha Tessema By: Martha Tessema
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